Stock Brokerage

We execute our client orders and investment requests with the highest level of discipline, timeliness and professional integrity to ensure we satisfy our clients’ needs, and exceed their expectations.

Investment in stocks of listed and sometimes unlisted companies is one way of investing in the long term. Investment in stocks or shares offers the opportunity to profit from both capital appreciation (where the value of your shares appreciate in value) and dividends from companies that pay dividends at the end of the financial year. Even though investment in shares could be risky, it offers the highest rewards in the long term.

As a Licensed Dealing Member of the Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE), GN Investments advices and undertakes the purchase and sale of shares for our clients on the GSE. We have seasoned Authorized Dealing Officers who execute our trades on the Exchange.

We charge a commission for our brokerage services based on the value of the transaction involved.