About us

GN Investments was formed out of the trading department of Gold Coast Securities Ltd as a result of a directive from the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC).
GN Investments and Gold Coast Securities are both part of the same group of companies and share business values and tradition of service excellence.
GN Investments will pay close attention to clients as well as introduce some innovation to the management of client accounts and will continue to offer clients value for their investments and assure clients of excellent customer care.

GN Investment’s vision is to create value for our clients, shareholders and society through investment advisory solutions.

Mission Statement:
GN Investments will be the closest investment service firm for our clients to use. In doing so, we seek to create wealth for our clients and shareholders.

Core Values:

  • Discipline: we will be disciplined in the management of client and shareholder’s investments
  • Quality: we will deliver service that will bring value to our clients and shareholders
  • Integrity: we will exhibit integrity in the discharge of our responsibilities
  • Respect: we will show respect to our shareholders, clients, and members